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«Access Control System FACEID» – accounting of working hours and access control

Time and access control system based on artificial intelligence (AI) facial recognition technology and ZetPro VMS software. The face recognition algorithm works with an accuracy of up to 95%.

  • Face recognition
  • Recognition of faces in a mask
  • Management of turnstiles, electric locks, etc.
  • Control of employees by person
  • Creation of schedules with various forms of payment
  • Detailed reports of working hours of employees
  • Status “at work/not at work” online
  • Distributed architecture
  • Alarming alerts in the Telegram messenger
Software compatibility ZetPro VMS
The need for a face recognition module Yes, any ZetPro VMS face recognition module
The maximum number of people in the database Software is not limited
Distributed architecture Yes
Online monitoring Yes
Saving screenshots Yes
Setting the recognition accuracy 0-100%
Rollup of recognition results Yes
Workday schedules Yes
Exceptions (lunch break, part-time work) Yes
White list of persons Yes
Black list of persons Yes
Alarming messages Telegram bot
Entry/exit control Yes
Detailed reports Yes
Supported relay module VKMODULE, Laurent, ESP82266, ESP82266_COM

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