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Parental control system

What made the technology

This solution is based on ZetPro VMS software, which recognizes and processes data from a stationary biometric terminal.

System capabilities:

  • Detects and recognizes faces
  • Measures body temperature without contact
  • Recognizes a face in a mask
  • Notifies of an alarm event in Telegram and on the monitor
  • Manages the checkpoint
  • Notifies parents when a child enters/leaves school


Recognition and measurement accuracy. Face detection without a mask, temperature threshold up to 0.1

High speed of operation. Measures 20 to 30 people per minute.

Formation of lists. "White" list - access is allowed, "black" list - unwanted persons.

Convenient search in the archive. You can find the right person by name or photo.

Notifications for parents in Telegram - about the child's entrance/exit and temperature.

Checkpoint - interfacing with external access devices; in case of an alarm, access will be denied.

All settings are made in the program's WEB interface:
✅ filling out lists
✅ generating reports
✅ search for the right person

❗️ It is important that even if a person is not in the database, information about him or her is stored on the server.
Options for using this solution:
📍 Educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, universities, creativity and development centers, sports centers).
📍 Offices, banks, medical institutions.
📍 Hotels, restaurants and recreation centers.
📍 Production facilities.