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Modern security technologies

In today’s environment, the development of video surveillance systems in Ukraine is not just a tool for rapid response to offenses, but a strategic issue of national security. And we, as a high-tech Ukrainian company that combines research, development, production and sale of software and equipment in the field of intelligent video surveillance, have a great solution – the Safe City “CaMap” system.

This is an analytical system for alerting and processing data coming from IP video cameras with built-in analytics, a set of computer programs, mobile applications, and other advanced equipment for building situational response centers and processing events in real time. And in the event of an alarm event or offense, the system automatically displays information on the operator’s monitor for response according to predefined criteria. Integration with existing databases of vehicle registration, police, etc. is possible.

Possibility systems

Newcomer: a definition of a car that is in the city for the first time
Parking: most often the place where a certain car is parked
Escort: search for cars that are following a certain person
Duplicate: identifying identical cars that are in different locations at the same time

Vehicle number recognition at the entrances and exits

Fixation of domestic, post-Soviet and CIS car models
Detection of vehicles by color or other attributes

Recognition of the type of car, brand, car models and colors

Speeding and crossing the dividing line in the prohibited area
Seat belt and talking on a cell phone

24/7 definition traffic violations

Data transfer via wireless GPRS Internet
Anti-vandal protection of cameras in the form of a GPS transmitter

Number recognition for hard-to-reach areas

Informing the situation center about an alarming event
Assessment of the necessary assistance to victims and restoration of road traffic
Evidence base in court and insurance proceedings

Definition of an accident

Operational search for missing or dangerous persons
Notification of aggressive emotions
Quick search for photos in the database

Face recognition in crowded places (age, gender, emotions)

Real-time audio and video recording
Quick analysis of information about a vehicle or person during patrolling

Face and Number Recognition auto with chest camera

Identification of gender, presence of: bag/backpack, headgear
Length of sleeves, pants, skirts, hair
Presence of outerwear and its color

Face recognition by attributes

Automatically detect groups of people and notify them of an event
Warning of mass events or activities of individual groups
Protecting children from bullying

Definition clusters of people

Informing about a possible terrorist attack
Control of unauthorized waste disposal and other
Search for missing items and vehicles

Revealing those left behind or moved items

Detecting crowds of more than 5 people and keeping them in the frame
Notification of unauthorized persons entering certain areas
Automatic smoke detection

People counting, virtual line crossing, smoke detection

Prompt notification of the event for further action

Raising the sound barrier (shot, explosion, scream, etc.)

Prompt assistance to a person in an emergency situation (thanks to two-way audio and video communication) in public places

Emergency communication alarm button

Infographics of implemented projects

Program functionality

Online map

Review on-line video

Possibility of realization of video wall

Division by groups and districts

Black and white lists of numbers and persons

Operator alarm notifications

Log of recent events

Quick transition to the place of fixation of a car or a person

Safe region

The “Safe Region” system operates in two scenarios: local and global.

Local: A server with a database is installed that operates within the city or region.

Global: Using the system in several regions of the country, with the help of the software Manager, which synchronizes data between all databases of the system.

Work of the situation center

To ensure maximum convenience and efficiency for the operator of the situation center, we have developed special web applications. Thanks to this application, there is no need for round-the-clock monitoring of hundreds of cameras displayed on monitors, the system itself notifies of an alarm event. The operator works both online with alarms and with the video archive.