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About the company

Building custom video analytics systems on a turnkey basis

“Kobi software” –  is a high-tech Ukrainian company that combines research, development, production and sales of software and hardware in the field of intelligent video surveillance. It has a portfolio of programs for x86, ARM, Linux, and Android architectures. The company creates unique products for analyzing video data at critical infrastructure, retail, security, and defense facilities for search and rescue and counterintelligence activities. The company’s products are also known on the market under the CaMap Analytics and ZetPro brands.

The key technologies in the company’s operations are:

  • License plate recognition – software and hardware, in IP cameras, via RTSP protocol, autonomous LPR BOX Cyclops devices for 50 countries.
  • Automation of closed parking lots with compact LPR BOX Orthus/Hydra devices based on recognized license plate and face.
  • Recognition of car attributes – type, brand, model, and color of the vehicle.
  • Complexes for recording traffic violations on highways.
  • Face recognition – face detection and recognition.
  • Thermoscreening – biometric systems for remote measurement of body temperature and face recognition from IP cameras, as well as using a terminal.
  • Access control and management systems based on face recognition and license plate recognition.
  • “Safe City” software and hardware complex – information and analytical video surveillance systems based on CaMaP software.
  • “CaMap DOS” software for working with video material in the field of criminal analysis.
  • “CaMap Arsenal RF” – inventory control systems based on face recognition and RFID technologies.

“Kobi software” is a representative of IP equipment of the ZetPro brand. This line covers all segments from economy to professional devices, the best in class, which allows you to achieve maximum efficiency in security projects of any complexity.

The company was founded in 2004.

Benefits of Kobi Technology Solutions

Convenient functionality
and ease of setup

Integration with third-party

Technological partnership
with global brands

Remote access
to systems management

Complex solutions
for any budget

Technical support
and training

Catalogue of products

Here you can get acquainted with the ZetPro equipment range and our technological developments.
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