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LPR BOX “Cyclops”

What made the technology

The capabilities of this solution:

LPR BOX “Cyclops” v1.2 is an autonomous device that allows you to connect any IP camera via the RTSP protocol. It is responsible for analytical license plate recognition and data transmission via the receiving module to ZetPro VMS or third-party software (if there is a need to create a database).

It can be installed in any conditions, even in the absence of a wired Internet network.


Capture and identification of license plates at speeds up to 190 km/h – for one or two lanes.

Onboard recognition analytics without cloud or internet dependency.

Data saved on Micro SD card, sent to ZetPro VMS server if needed.

License plate recognition for over 50 countries, including standard, 'colored,' and two-line plates.

Report generation for selected periods. Search in the database by license plate, date, or time.

Compact size and easy installation.

Web app
Configuration of LPR BOX is done through the WEB interface:
📍 Local and/or remote connection
📍 Online monitoring (video stream from cameras, list, and screenshots of recognized license plates)
📍 Report generation
📍 Device settings
Compatibility with third-party software
LPR BOX CYCLOPS has the ability to integrate with any license plate recognition software. Using our protocol, you can enhance your software with minimal investment and receive all LPR data on your platform (the integration protocol is provided free of charge).