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In ZetPro cameras

What made the technology

System Operation

The recognition of car license plates takes place on the camera itself, and if necessary, to create a database, it can be connected to the ZetPro server, which stores the license plate numbers and screenshots.

To operate the system, you need to install and configure ✅ the recognition device (2MP or 4MP camera).

❗️ If necessary, add: ✅ ZetPro server and ✅ a computer with an Intel Core i3 processor (data reception, working with archives).

This approach significantly reduces the load on the computer server and allows for working with a large number of cameras simultaneously.


Simultaneous connection of over 1000 cameras.

Recognition accuracy up to 95% at speeds up to 170 km/h in multiple lanes simultaneously.

License plate recognition for over 50 countries, including standard, 'colored,' and two-line plates.

Creation of 'white' and 'black' lists of license plates.

Local and Telegram alarm notifications.

Ability to connect to external devices for checkpoint organization.

✅ Intelligent vehicle access management to the premises.
✅ Car search from the license plate database.
✅ Weight and dimension control, integration with other software.
✅ Counting of vehicles at car wash or service centers.
✅ Automation of toll road payment.