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Video surveillance system for business

What made the technology

For recognition, we need a camera with face detection or a stationary terminal that takes screenshots of a person’s face and transmits them to the ZetPro VMS database server. The analytical module recognizes and stores information about the person.

📍 All settings are made in the program’s web interface: filling in lists, generating reports, searching for the right person. Importantly, even if a person is not in the database, information about him or her is stored on the server.


The recognition accuracy is up to 95%. Customizable convolution of recognition results.

Create lists. Create your own lists: employees, important customers, or undesirables.

Visual confirmation of recognition, sound notification of an alarm event, Telegram notification.

Recognize additional attributes. Age and gender of a person wearing a mask or sunglasses.

Convenient search in the database. You can find the right person by name, age, gender, and photo.

Connecting to external devices for access, transferring data on the arrival/departure of employees.

This solution is suitable for both small shops and large shopping centers.
You will get not just video surveillance, but a system for informing about the entrance of special customers or unwanted persons, accounting for employee work, counting customers and analyzing them (age, gender).