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System with camera and black body

What made the technology

The system for non-contact measurement of human body temperature in public places based on ZetPro VMS software with intelligent modules for installation on a PC. Works with various manufacturers of video surveillance systems (cameras/network recorders), which makes it possible to create a unique system for your needs.



Customizable temperature threshold with measurement accuracy down to 0.1 ℃.

Audible and visual notification of an alarm event (photo of the person and their temperature data).

High speed of measuring a large flow of people.

Face recognition with masks, glasses, and hats.

The ability to use multiple manufacturers in one ZetPro VMS software platform.

Telegram-bot for sending alarming events on Telegram.

Additional features:
✅ Detection of faces without masks and instant notification of violations.
✅ Online face recognition and data storage in the database.
✅ Creation of "black" and "white" lists of persons; prevention of unwanted persons from entering or notification of the arrival of a VIP client.

This solution is most often used at the entrance to shopping malls, business centers, banks, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, enterprises, train stations, and airports. In places where you need to measure a large flow of people.