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Intellectual and
analytical systems

License plate recognition

  • ZetPro VMS software
  • Hardware in cameras and LPR BOX
  • Access control system
  • Online monitoring, report generation
  • Remote system management
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Current offers

High-speed (170 km/h) car license plate recognition camera ZIP-5241DLM-X12CP (LPR onboard). Data buffering on the SD card. Recognition library of 50 countries of the world. Brand and model recognition.

Access control and person recognition terminal ZIP-10S7FR-AI, recognition speed 0.2 sec, 7-inch screen, outdoor installation possible

LPR BOX “CYCLOPS” ver1.2 – a solution for recognizing license plates of cars on the road

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Integration with third-party

Technological partnership
with global brands

Remote access
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Complex solutions
for any budget

Technical support
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