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Access control and person recognition terminal ZIP-10S7FR-AI, recognition speed 0.2 sec, 7-inch screen, outdoor installation possible

ZIP-10S7FR-AI- Terminal with a 7″ screen, for control and management of access by a recognized person. Compatible with the ZetPro VMS software, which expands the system’s capabilities and allows scaling the complex for objects of different structures. The terminal is equipped with logical inputs and outputs for controlling external devices (locks, turnstiles, etc.). ZIP-10S7FR-AI can be used in various places, such as offices, enterprises, government institutions, etc.

  • Built-in Linux OS ensures stable and reliable operation.
  • Face recognition accuracy level > 99%, error < 1%, face recognition speed (up to 0.2 s).
  • The built-in deep learning chip allows you to recognize people locally in offline mode
  • The whitelist capacity is 20,000 (1:N).
  • The 2-megapixel WDR camera with intelligent metering ensures high image quality in difficult lighting conditions.
  • The “live person” detection function effectively prevents the forgery of images or videos.
  • The integrated speech synthesis engine in offline mode supports the translation of the person’s name after successful authentication.
  • Advertising mode, which allows you to download images, logos and display them on the terminal screen.
  • Supports temperature measurement (external temperature measurement module required) and mask detection for pandemic prevention and control.
  • Supports door opening by facial recognition and/or card, password, etc.
  • Supports device management in local interface and web interface, such as personnel input, parameter configuration and system maintenance.
  • ONVIF protocol.
  • Built-in 4G EMMC storage with a capacity of up to 30,000 records.
  • Alarm functions such as: burglary protection, door opening timeout and timed authentication; supports the connection of fire alarm devices to trigger the opening of doors in the event of a fire alarm.
  • Вбудоване сховище 4G EMMC ємністю до 30 000 записів.
  • Функції сигналізації, такі як: захист від злому, тайм-аут відкриття дверей та аутентифікація з часом; підтримує підключення пристроїв пожежної сигналізації для спрацьовування відкриття дверей у разі введення сигналу пожежі.
Parameter Description
Operating System Linux
Face recognition accuracy rate >99%
Face recognition time 200 ms
Nominal capacity 20,000
Card capacity 20,000
Storage 4 GB
Capacity of events 30,000 events (without images); 8000 events (with images)
General authentication mode Face whitelist (1:N)
White list of access cards (1:N)
By opening mode Face, password, card, or any combination thereof
Communication mode Ethernet interface 1×100 Mbit/s
Card support Mifare card, USIM NFC card
HR Supports adding, updating, and deleting face libraries and their members
Records management Supports saving recordings locally and uploading recordings to a third-party platform in real time
Interface Network port×1, Wiegand input×1, Wiegand output×1, RS485×1, alarm input×2, alarm output×1, door lock interface×1, door sensor interface×1, door button×1
Power DC input 12V±25%
Touch screen Size: 7 inches 

Resolution: 600×1024

Cameras 2-megapixel RGB+IR dual camera
LED lighting Yes
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 246mm × 110mm × 23.5mm
Mounting method Standard metal wall mount
Operating environment from -20°C to 60°C; <95%, without condensation
Protection level IP65 (Apply waterproof glue to the gap between the device and the wall)
Application scenario Indoors/outdoors

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