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Access control and time tracking system for employees – “ACS FACE”

What made the technology

The time tracking and access control system from “Kobi software” is based on facial recognition technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ZetPro VMS software.

To implement such a solution, we need:

📍 Terminal – facial recognition.

📍 ZetPro VMS software – data analysis and processing.

📍 Server or PC data storage.

📍 Network relay modules control external devices (locks, turnstiles, etc).

All configurations are done through the program’s web interface: creating lists, generating reports, and searching for specific individuals. Importantly, even if a person is not in the database, information about them is stored on the server.


Entry to the facility based on recognized faces (connecting to turnstiles, doors), employee work tracking, and notifications about the arrival of important clients or unwelcome individuals. Fighting against shoplifters, counting visitors, analyzing customers. Prevent unauthorized persons from entering the facility.
Stages of creating a system
📍 Installation
Installing the facial recognition terminal and connecting it to the door lock or turnstile controllers (if necessary).

📍 Connection to Software
Entering the necessary information about the terminal for connection to ZetPro VMS (integration with any software).

📍 Filling the "White" List
Entering employee data (name, position, photo) and creating groups (to manage access rights to different areas).

📍 Filling the "Black" List
Adding photos of people who are prohibited from entering.
How to work with the system
📍 Online Monitoring
Setting up a "board" with photos of employees and their status (at work/absent).

📍 Work Time Tracking
Generating reports on employees in Excel format or integrating the solution with your existing software (working hours, lateness, absences, etc.).