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ZetPro VMS software

ZetPro VMS is a software with intelligent modules for installation on a PC, designed to work with various manufacturers of video surveillance systems (cameras/network recorders).

The ZetPro VMS software package offers solutions for a variety of tasks. Using advanced “Artificial Intelligence” technology, our analytical modules for recognizing faces, car numbers, car make and model work with high accuracy. In addition, our number recognition algorithms can work on peripheral devices, allowing to significantly reduce the requirements for processor power, which means that the price of the “turnkey” solution will be lower.

For alarm notifications, we used a unique approach – this is “Telegram chat bot”. After performing simple settings, all alarming events of “black” lists will be sent by messages to the Telegram messenger group. It is very convenient and easy to use.

The basic version of the software contains the ZetPro VMS core, 4 channels of face recognition, “Telegram” alarm messages.

Core of ZetPro VMS

  • connecting equipment from different manufacturers (cameras/network recorders)
  • ONVIF protocol support
  • support for the work of several users with the configured level of privileges
  • possibility of connecting intelligent modules
  • export/import program settings
  • viewing mode
  • control of devices with PTZ function for all supported manufacturers and protocols, including ONVIF
  • displaying the current load of the processor and the amount of RAM used
  • built-in universal video archive player
  • automatic control of disk space for the video archive

Intelligent modules

  • Face recognition
  • Number recognition from RTPS
  • Number recognition in ZetPro Smart, UNV, Dahua, Hanwa Techwin cameras
  • Recognition of car make and model
  • Alarming alerts “Telegram”
  • LCD working time accounting


ZetPro VMS
Minimum system requirements for the basic version
Processor: Intel® Core i3 or better
OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Hard drive: 500 GB of free space
Video card: 1 GB

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