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LPR BOX “Orphus” / “Hydra”

What made the technology

The autonomous devices LPR BOX ‘Orphus’ S v1.2 and LPR BOX ‘Hydra’ v1.2, based on a quad-core processor and Linux OS, allow the automation of entry/exit zones without the need for additional equipment. They verify recognized license plates with the ‘white’ list and issue a command for vehicle access (external device opening).

They are used to organize closed parking areas in residential complexes, business centers, and enterprises.



Capture and identification of the vehicle's license plate.
Recognition accuracy above 98%.

Onboard recognition analytics without cloud, server, or internet connection.

License plate recognition for over 50 countries, including standard, 'colored,' and two-line plates.

Cloud dashboard for administering multiple LPR BOX units. 'White' list of license plates and their g

Installation of a physical button for emergency gate opening with database recording.

Possible connection of external data storage (HDD).

LPR BOX capabilities
✅ Automation of passage
Control of various types of barriers, automatic gate and roller door operators.
✅ Online monitoring
Confirmation of license plate recognition using a red or green frame.
✅ Vehicle counting
Information about the number of entering and exiting vehicles, with the option to set parking space limits.
✅ Reports
Generates reports based on specified license plates, times, or selected periods with the ability to export in xlsx and csv formats.
✅ Telegram navigation
Monitoring the passage of your vehicle, manual control of the barrier.
Web interface
Configuration of LPR BOX is done through the WEB interface:

📍 Local and/or remote connection
📍 Online monitoring
📍 Report generation
📍 Device settings