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Guard Live – app for Android/iOS

Guard Live – a mobile application for viewing and controlling ZetPro Smart equipment (cameras, DVR, PTZ, etc.)

  • Add devices: Supports quick add by scanning QR code and allows you to add devices without registering a cloud account.
  • Allows multiple users to watch the same video content at the same time through device sharing or by logging into the same account from multiple clients.
  • More features:
    • Live view: multi-window display, PTZ control, preset patrol, picture adjustment, two-way audio, video quality adjustment, snapshot, local recording, corridor mode and swipe left/right to switch live video of previous/next camera.
    • Playback: track search, synchronous playback, split search, playback speed, playback of recordings stored on the SD card.
    • Alarm: User can receive real-time alarms and view records related to alarms.
    • Device configuration: user can set time, picture, video, audio, OSD, PTZ, motion detection, human body detection, sound detection, automatic tracking, intelligent intrusion prevention, disarming, special alarm sound, recording schedule, etc.
    • Device management: user can share devices, cancel sharing.
    • Cloud Account Management: Allows user to register with mobile phone number/email address, edit account information, get password and cancel account.
    • File Management: Allows user to sort files by device/time/type (images/videos), export to album and share via third-party apps.
    • Device Maintenance: User can update device via cloud, export diagnostic information and check network speed.

Function Description
Cloud Account Management
Signup/login Allows user to sign up with email address or mobile phone number (certain countries/regions)
Allows user to choose a service region during signup (cannot change once signup is complete)
Allows user to log in with username, email address or mobile phone number (certain countries/regions)
Remembers recent accounts that user has successfully logged in to
Management Allows user to change password and personal information
Allows user to change the email address or mobile phone number used for signup
Allows user to cancel account
Project Management
Project management Allows user to create, edit, delete projects
Allows user to search projects by project name
Allows user to deliver one or multiple devices at a time
Supports project operation and maintenance
Device Management
Device management Max. 5,000 devices or 10,000 channels
Supports IPC, NVR
Allows user to add devices by auto-search on LAN, scanning QR code, or adding devices manually (P2P)
Supports Wi-Fi devices
Allows user to edit, delete devices
Automatically syncs cloud devices when user logs in to the cloud account
Allows user to upgrade devices/channels by cloud, export diagnostic information
Supports device speed test
Supports device packet capture
Supports batch configuration for devices, including network configuration, video configuration, and cloud upgrades
Connect Box
Connect Box Supports connection to Connect Box
Shows Connect Box information:
Voltage detection, 12V output voltage, 12V output current, PoE detection, PoE output voltage, PoE output current
Discovers and lists IPCs under Connect Box for quick live view and configuration
Live View
Live view 1-window live view
Allows user to choose video quality: HD/SD/Smooth (main/sub/third stream)
Supports saturation, brightness, image rotation, contrast, sharpness, 2D NR
Supports corridor mode
Supports digital zoom
Allows user to quickly switch to playback during live view
Allows user to save snapshots and recordings to mobile phone
Shows the real-time bandwidth usage (Kb/s) and packet loss rate
Shows Wi-Fi signal strength for Wi-Fi devices
PTZ control Supports 4 rotation directions (up, down, left, right)
Focus, zoom, and PTZ presets
Note: The actual PTZ control function available may vary with IPC and NVR
Two-way audio Supports two-way audio with IPC, NVR-connected IPC, and NVR.
Note: The actual function available may vary with IPC and NVR
Allows user to choose a two-way audio device by the tap and hold gesture
Recording & Playback
Recording search Supports searching recordings by time
Supports searching recordings by recording type (motion, VCA, alarm, normal)
Allows user to switch video quality
Allows user to drag on the timeline to search video, and pinch to zoom in or out
Allows user to quickly switch to live video during playback
Playback 1-channel playback
Allows user to start/pause playback
Allows user to turn on/off audio during playback
Supports corridor mode
Supports digital zoom
Allows user to save snapshots and recordings to mobile phone
Shows Wi-Fi signal strength for Wi-Fi devices
Alarm Search
Alarm list Allows user to search alarms from IPC, NVR-connected IPC, and NVR
Allows user to view alarm recording and snapshot (if supported by the alarm type)
Device Configuration
Remote configuration Supports configuration of time, network, image, video, audio, PTZ and advanced configuration
Supports motion detection, intrusion detection, cross line detection, enter area, leave area, auto track, disarming, and custom alarm sound
Supports recording schedule, storage configuration
Note: The actual functions available may vary with IPC and NVR devices
General Settings
Alarm & playback time zone configuration Alarm and playback support time display as per the time zone of device/mobile phone
Password protection Digits/pattern
Auto pause video Automatically pauses video if there’s no user action within a certain length of time
Optimize video fluency Supports optimum video fluency
Data usage Shows cellular/Wi-Fi data usage statistics
Software upgrade Automatically checks for updates
Cloud announcement Supports Cloud notices
Help Tutorial video
Links to device quick guide and user manual
Customer service phone number
Languages Multiple languages
Installation Environment
OS iOS (11.0 or later), Android (7.0 or later)

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