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Data collection station ZIP-10000U-8B

Data collection station ZIP-10000U-8B. It is used for charging ZIP-220HD-4G camera bodies, data collection and transmission to the CaMaP server.

  • Each EEC300D8-N1 contains 8 docking stations that can connect ZIP-220HD-4G body cameras.
  • Each docking station includes a cable with a micro USB 2.0 interface.
  • Design an electronic lock for each docking station that can only be unlocked by an authorized user.
  • A mechanical lock at the bottom that can be used to unlock the docks.
  • Total bandwidth up to 128MB/s for data collection.
  • Two LED indicators on each dock that display charging status and data collection status.

Basic parameters



USB cable

8 x micro USB cables

Key lock

1 (open all docks at the same time)

Light indicator

So. Blue-red indicator. Two indicators for each docking station (one for data collection and one for charging indication)


2 on each side (to connect the control module or expand the data connection module)


Unlock with one touch

So. To unlock all docks, press once

Unlocking one docking station

So. Support for unlocking one docking station

Unlock with key

Each data collection module can be unlocked using the lock at the bottom.

Unlock after power off (battery)

Yes The built-in lithium battery allows you to unlock all docking stations through the lock at the bottom

Indication of the status of access to the device


Auto collection


Priority collection

Yes. The docks in the first row can be set to a higher download speed than the others when more than one is connected

Collection speed

Total throughput: Max. 128 MB/s


Power supply

Powered by the expansion port of the control module

Micro USB charging port

Supports overload protection. Each output is 5V/1.5A

Product dimensions

630 mm × 280 mm × 147.2 mm (24.80 in × 11.02 in × 5.80 in)

Package dimensions

750.0 mm × 400.0 mm × 262.0 mm (29.53 in × 15.75 in × 10.31 in)

Working temperature

from –10 °C to +55 °C (from +14 °F to +131 °F)

Working humidity

0%–90% (non-condensing)

Operating environment


Net weight

8.36 kg (18.43 lb)

Gross weight

10.65 kg (23.48 lb)


Wall mount with control module; Top to ground clearance: 1.6m – 1.8m (5.25′ – 5.91′)

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