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ZIP-VMS STATION Video data processing center

ZIP-VMS data center with the ability to connect up to 1000 devices, including up to 200 devices using the Onvif protocol. Works both with ZetPro Smart brand equipment and with other manufacturers, supported by Onvif. 

Management can be done via: web client, Guard VMS application and smartphone. Supports connection of up to 16 hard drives, equipped with a slot for expanding the total number of drives – up to 48. Built-in 4-core Intel (R) CPU and 4GB DDR3L memory.

  • Connection to 1000 devices; up to 2000 channels;
  • Supports up to 16 hard drives, up to 14 TB each;
  • Integration with third-party cameras using the Onvif protocol;
  • Ability to view online, up to 300 simultaneous connections;
  • Work with cameras with a resolution of up to 12 MP;
  • The possibility of implementing a video wall (in the presence of an additional ZIP-DEC-6HDMI decoder )
  • The ANR function will ensure that data is saved in the event of a network shutdown.
Video management Number of connected 1000 devices or 2000 channels
cameras to the server 1000 devices connected via Onvif
Device management IPC, NVR, decoder (standard/advanced), network keyboard, cloud devices, alarm panel and door access control
Number of users 1000
Number of online users 300
Number of roles per user 16
Input bandwidth 512 Mbps
Output bandwidth 384 Mbps
Transcript Video compression Ultra265, H.265, H.264
Transcript 4×4K@30, 16×1080p@30, 36×720p@30, 64×D1
resolution 12MP/8MP/6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/960P/720P/960H/D1/2CIF/CIF/QCIF
Display on the video wall output HDMI(×2) and VGA(×1); HDMI output supports 4K resolution
Sound compression G.711A, G.711μ
Decoding card A maximum of 2 cards is supported; models: ZIP-HDMI4-C-NB and ZIP-HDMI6-C-NB
 (not necessarily)
Decoding card ZIP-HDMI4-C-NB 4-channel HDMI outputs with 4*4K@60 or 8*4K@30 or 32*1080P@30 or 64*720P@30 decoding
Decoding card ZIP-HDMI6-C-NB 6-channel HDMI outputs with 6*4K@60 or 12*4K@30 or 48*1080P@30 or 96*720P@30 decoding
Storage HDD installation Hot-swappable hard drives
Support for 16 hard drives (3.5″, up to 14 TB each)
Video storage performance on the server 512 Mbps/ 256 channels
Case for disks 2 additional disk storages are supported: ZIP-DEU1008 and ZIP-DEU1016
Disk Storage ZIP-DEU1008 8 SATA interfaces, up to 14 TB of memory per interface
Disk Storage ZIP-DEU1016 16 SATA interfaces, up to 14 TB of memory per interface
Playback control 1 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 13 / 16 / 17 / 25 / 32 / 36 / 64 window display Corridor format Up to 3
Playback Playback of NVR recordings
Up to 24 channels for several clients; simultaneous playback of up to 16 channels for one client
Data information Alarm records 200,000
Logs of operations 200,000
Face anxiety recordings 3 million
Accounting for the passage of vehicles 3 million
Structured records of cars, non-motors and pedestrians 3 million
Access/Exit Control Records 3 million
System Main processor Intel(R) processor.
Memory 4 GB DDR3L
Power Supply 100-240 VAC (with on/off switch)
Dual power redundancy
Interface Network 4×10M/100M/1000M Base-T adaptive Ethernet interfaces
2×1000M SFP optical interfaces
USB 4×USB3.0
Serial 1×RS-232 (RJ45), 1×RS-485 (RJ45)
Alarm input/output 24x alarm inputs, 8x alarm outputs
Power output 12 V DC
Sound alarm sound signal
Expansion 1×інтерфейс eSATA
2×miniSAS interfaces
2x decoding cards
Others Energy consumption ≤ 50 W (without hard disk)
≤ 165 W (including hard drive)
Working temperature -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)
Working humidity from 10% to 90% (without condensation)
weight ≤ 10.0 kg
Dimensions Height: 3U, support mount in a standard 19-inch cabinet
(L×W×H)  477.1 mm × 481.6 mm × 130.5 mm (18.8 × 19 in × 5.1 in) (including front panel)

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