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Complex for measuring body temperature ZIP-180CW-CR

The complex ZIP-180CW-CR solution allows you to quickly and accurately measure the temperature of the human body. The delivery set includes: an IP camera, a video recorder, a monitor, a temperature measurement module and a mounting bracket. The system is completely ready to use and does not require additional components. Such a system can be used in government buildings, financial institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, sea and river ports, railway stations, bus stations and other crowded places.


  • Automatic temperature measurement with visualization on the monitor
  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Alarm sound message in case of people with high temperature
  • Saving screenshots
  • Work with people in poppy
  • Statistics in real time
  • Export of temperature measurement data
  • An app for receiving alarm events, as well as viewing screenshots and temperature
Description Measurement system
Permission 1920*1080
Lens 4.0mm
Viewing angle (H) 86.5°
WDR 120dB
Temperature measurement range of measurements 35℃~42℃
Error 0.3℃
Measurement distance 1cm~3cm
Monitor Diagonal 31.55″
Monitor permission 1920*1080
Monitor dimensions (mm) 725.2×425.8×49.5
Functions Anxiety Support for real-time alarming of abnormal body temperature
Screenshot Supports real-time snapshot of human face with its temperature
Temperature display In real time
Counting people Real-time statistics of people with normal and abnormal body temperature
Mask people Supports temperature measurement for people in max
APP Linkage Supports the program for receiving an alarm signal about a person’s high temperature
Export Export of temperature measurement data
general Power DC 48V(works from NVR)
Working temperature 10°C ~ 45°C (50°F to 113°F),

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