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By RTSP protocol

What made the technology

How the system works

It is designed for the automatic detection and recognition of license plates from a video stream of surveillance cameras. It is based on the ZetPro VMS software.

To make it work, you need to connect it via RTSP from any camera and configure all the necessary settings using the ZetPro VMS software.

This solution is cost-effective for a small number of cameras (1-20).

Intelligent management of vehicle access to the premises Searching for a car from a license plate database Weight and dimension control, integration with other software Automation of toll road payment, integration with other software


Compatibility with various camera brands. Recognition accuracy up to 95% at speeds up to 260 km/h.

License plate recognition for 50+ countries. Algorithm trainable for any country's plates.

Configuration: recognition zone, no-license-plate area, masking, camera angle.

Telegram integration for local and remote alarms, 'black' list alerts.

Free space control on HDD. Image compression and minimum size configuration.

Checkpoint mode. Ability to connect external devices for access automation to the premises.

Recognition of car attributes
It is also possible to additionally connect a module for recognizing the following car attributes:

📍 color
📍 type of car
📍 brand
📍 model